Greetings from the Founder,

Dennis Kennedy

Dennis KennedyAs the founder of the National Diversity Council, I would like to welcome you to the second edition of the 2013 California Diversity Council Newsletter. We are very excited about the upcoming year and the events we have planned for our community.

California Diversity Council Hosts Women in Leadership Symposiums across Northern California

The California Diversity Council hosted its annual Women in Leadership Symposium Series in San Francisco/Bay Area and Silicon Valley on March 14th and 15th. The focus for these annual symposiums was to bring together a diverse group of women executives to address topics on leadership and career advancement, in an effort to educate, inspire, and encourage attendees to reflect on their own goals and status, as they strive to advance within their own organizations. The theme for this year's symposiums was "Women Leaders as Architects of Change."

Entrepreneurial Leadership: The value of innovation and creativity in shaping the work of leaders and organizations

I have the privilege of working in San Francisco as faculty member in the management discipline of a university that focuses primarily on business. Working in this location has provided a “front row seat” to the innovation and disruption that results when new businesses, most often led by driven entrepreneurs, apply their creativity to the design of their organizations. Often, one of the many hallmarks of these successful young entrepreneurs is the way they exercise leadership.


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May 29, 2013 San Diego Council Meeting

May 29, 2013 Veterans Webinar

July 9, 2013 Orange County Chapter Meeting

July 9, 2013 San Francisco Council Meeting

July 10, 2013 Silicon Valley Council Meeting

July 10, 2013 San Diego Chapter Meeting

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