Greetings from the Founder,

Dennis Kennedy

Dennis KennedyAs founder of the National Diversity Council, I would like to welcome you to the fourth and final edition of the 2012 California Diversity Council Newsletter. As the winter holidays approach, I invite you to look back on all our events and programs from this past year, and join us at our upcoming holiday mixers, in order to learn how you can become more involved with the council's work in 2013.

What's New in your Leadership Toolkit?

What is in your leadership toolkit? I asked this at a recent speaking engagement, and was astonished that most of the audience didn't even know what a leadership toolkit is; much less what it should contain. Given the diversity of the participants across traditional age, occupation, gender, race, and interest lines, this was a surprising commentary on a missed opportunity. What are the tools you utilize each and every day? Part wisdom, part experience-based, and often learned from others in the workplace, our leadership toolkit supports us in everything from creating mundane expense reports to having a difficult conversation with a colleague. As Abraham Maslow opined back in the 60's, however, to rely upon just one tool sub-optimizes our leadership potential and conspires against carefully cultivating our creativity and flexibility.

The I in Diversity

I am still amazed at how some still see Diversity as affirmative action, quota, checking a box on a form or just a difference of color, race and ethnicity. Diversity is actually about our similarities and our differences combined and includes not only race, religion and ethnicity but also gender, age, abilities and disabilities, veteran or military status, parental status, sexual orientation, education, socio-economic status, geographical locations, jobs, titles and even the diversity of thoughts. It is the unique characters that make each individual.


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Feb 5, 2013 CADC-Board Meeting

Jan 15, 2013 San Francisco Advisory Board meeting

Sep 9, 2013 San Diego Diversity Best Practice

Feb 7, 2013 CA_Annual Diversity and Leadership Conference

Nov 4, 2013 San Diego - Healthcare Diversity Summit

Oct 7, 2013 San Diego- Multicultural Roundtable

Apr 10, 2013 Sacramento, Talent Summit

Jan 16, 2013 San Diego - Women in Leadership Symposium

Apr 13, 2013 San Francisco/Bay Area- Young Women's Leadership Symposium

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